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We understand that divorce is a difficult situation with a variety of considerations including children, your home, and the various other assets that may be involved.

Whether you are considering a divorce or you need legal counsel because you've begun the divorce process, our lawyers can help you achieve the best possible results for you and your family.

here are just a few ways that our team can help you

Also known as arbitration, this is where the legal counsel will be the non-biased party to a dispute, to help resolve the situation for the best of all parties involved.
divorce actions
Often referred to as an action for divorce, signifies the process for obtaining a divorce. Wherein, one spouse files a complaint for divorce.
legal separation actions
A civil action where the marriage is not legally terminated, but where the court can make decisions regarding property, children, and other important affairs.
post- decree modification actions
A civil action in which the, now separated, couple is looking to resolve issues formally that have arisen since the separation.
allocation of parental responsibility actions
These are actions used to determine parenting rights and responsibilities with an emphasis on parenting time and decision making.
The legal system for rendering a marriage null or void. Annulments require certain conditions to be met to be enacted.
common law marriage
Marriage, in which, a couple has lived together for a significant period and regard themselves as “married” without ever having gone through a formal marriage process.