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Seven Benefits Of Divorce Mediation

I am lawyer Kathryn "Katie" Renee Tolison, and I have years of experience guiding Colorado clients through divorce mediation. Although I am also a litigator who is comfortable in the courtroom, I have found that the mediation process is often far more beneficial for my clients, their children and their budgets. In these cases, I serve as a neutral third party, helping both parties work toward a mutually acceptable outcome.

I truly care about my clients, and am proud to offer the attentive, personal service that you deserve. Because I focus exclusively on family law, you can also count on me for the detailed and up-to-date counsel your case requires.

Here are seven potential benefits of divorce mediation:

  1. You stay in control. In litigation, a judge makes the ultimate decisions about spousal support, child custody, property division and other issues. In mediation, the outcome is up to you. You and your spouse will remain in charge throughout the process.
  2. Your concerns remain private. Mediation allows you to discuss and settle matters in a private setting. You can avoid the public exposure of a courtroom full of strangers.
  3. You choose the times and places. Instead of being forced to follow the court's schedule, you can schedule mediation sessions when and where they work best for you.
  4. You avoid unnecessary stress. Because mediation is low-key and focuses on amicable resolutions and safe, respectful communication, it can help you avoid more contention in your relationship with your spouse. Reducing the stress can also greatly benefit any children involved.
  5. You can keep the process moving. Litigation is time-consuming and may take months (or even years) to complete. Through mediation, you can often come to a settlement much faster.
  6. You can often save money. Taking cases to trial is notoriously expensive. Mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods are often less costly.

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