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Restraining orders are issued for people who fear for the lives and safety of themselves and their children. Restraining orders begin as temporary until a hearing is held, at which time they can become permanent. These orders are difficult to change, so it is vital to have an experienced lawyer to advocate for you — whether you are the plaintiff or defendant.

Through our law firm, we can help with several scenarios:

  • If you are considering filing a restraining order, we can guide and direct you to resources to obtain one effectively.
  • If you have filed a restraining order, we can advocate and represent you in the hearing, as well as make sure the order is enforced.
  • If you are defending against a restraining order, we can help you prepare for the hearing and represent your rights and interests in court.

Automatic Injunctions During Divorce

When you file for divorce, an automatic injunction is activated that basically informs parties not to bother each other. If this injunction is ignored and actions are serious, one party can ask the court for a temporary protective order, which requires a hearing approximately two weeks later.

Depending on the situation, this might include supervision by a third party and a requirement that the transfer of the child take place in public. Our team of experienced Adams County restraining order attorneys will review all the options and ramifications with you and represent you for any issues throughout the legal process.

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