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Our families come first. At Tolison & Williams, Attorneys at Law, LLC, I understand the stress, anxiety and fear that accompany the separation of a family. It is, after all, all I do. As a Brighton area family law lawyer, I work primarily in the following areas:

  • Divorce: This painful experience requires a knowledgeable attorney who will stand by your side, delivering the attention you deserve. My divorce practice includes:
  • Legal separation: In legal separation, the decisions that you make regarding your family home, parenting time and other matters can have a significant impact on your future. Together, we can make the right choices to protect your interests and your future.
  • Common law divorce: Colorado is one of 16 states that observe common law marriages and the divorces that may follow. However, the dissolution of these unions can be trickier than with traditional marriages.
  • Property division: In Colorado, the law states that the division of assets should be equitable. The word equitable does not, however, mean equal. You will need a lawyer who can help you navigate these terms and their meanings. If necessary, I can also discuss asset valuation and business valuation.
  • Child custody and visitation: Seeing children regularly and being able to support them as they grow is a very high priority for parents. I can help with custody and visitation concerns as well as fathers' rights issues.
  • Child support: Every child deserves financial support from his or her parents. Child support is intended to provide for the child's necessities — most commonly food, clothing and shelter.
  • Post-decree matters/modifications: When life changes, you have to change with it. You may need to change the terms in your divorce decree if you or your former spouse has experienced a change or loss in income or the children are spending more time with one parent over the other.
  • Family relocation: Changes to child custody or parenting time must go through the court. This is especially true when one parent plans to move out of Colorado. Modification of the existing court order must generally be obtained prior to the move.
  • Paternity/juvenile actions: In Colorado, DNA testing may be used to establish paternity. Once paternity is established, child support may be ordered. The court may also establish parenting time for the father, depending on a series of factors.
  • Adoption: I represent clients in matters related to stepparent adoption, kinship adoption and custodial adoption.

I also represent clients in matters such as domestic violence, restraining orders and prenuptial agreements. No matter how complex the family law matter or how high the stakes for your family, I have the knowledge and experience necessary to achieve the best possible results through litigation or alternative dispute resolution methods.

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