Probate Attorney Denver


Probate Attorney Denver

Adams County Probate Litigation Attorney

We have all heard horror stories about probates gone wrong and families fighting over lamps for years, but probate courts in Colorado do not only sort out the estates of individuals after their deaths. The probate court is also responsible for appointing others with the legal authority to act on behalf of individuals who are incapacitated — that is, unable to make decisions themselves due to a mental disease or defect. In either type of proceeding, disputes frequently arise, which may lead to intensive litigation.

Just like any other lawsuit, probate litigation is a demanding court process that requires filing the proper documents, presenting compelling legal arguments and presenting evidence. Colorado probate courts follow distinct procedural rules, which can often be complex and difficult to navigate.

Compassionate Legal Counsel

At Tolison & Williams, Attorneys at Law, LLC, I provide compassionate and knowledgeable representation through all stages of the probate process, including all types of probate litigation. I have experience in several types of probate litigation and make sure that each case is treated with the sensitivity and attention it requires.

For personalized legal guidance from a probate litigation lawyer serving Adams County, contact my firm at 303-500-7706.

I take the time to build genuine relationships with clients. The outcome of your case will matter just as much to me as it does to you. I share a passion for making a positive impact on the lives of individuals and their loved ones.

Experienced In A Variety Of Probate Litigation

Following the death of a loved one, the distribution of his or her assets does not always proceed smoothly. Disputes can arise over the validity of the will, the interpretation of the trust, the appointment of the personal representative or trustee, and numerous other issues. Such disagreements often end up in court.

Likewise, disagreements can also lead to lengthy litigation in guardianship or conservatorship proceedings.

My firm handles all types of probate litigation, including:

I also offer guidance for fiduciaries — such as trustees, personal representatives and conservators — on navigating the many duties imposed on them by law.

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