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As with all child custody arrangements, visitation can cause much concern during a divorce or paternity case. With infants and very young children, breastfeeding and other implications can cause additional issues due to the potential impact on the amount of time one parent receives with their child.

Additionally, with older children, there may be concerns regarding if and when they wish to see the other parent. Whatever the situation entails, parents trying to work out visitation matters can benefit from the advice and counsel of a skilled lawyer.

Our team will meet with you to fully understand your situation, address your questions and concerns, and advise you on the best legal options for your circumstances.

Child Visitation

Even after visitation has been established between parents, other matters may come up that cause conflict or further legal issues. Parents may blame each other for any behavior problems they have with their children and want to modify existing plans. Additionally, grandparents may wish to be granted visitation if a parent is denying them access to their grandchildren.

Our team has the skill and knowledge to handle even the most complex legal issues with regard to visitation. This includes modifications and disputes as well as grandparent visitation cases. Our firm's ultimate goal is to find solutions that will be in the children's best interests and work for your family.

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