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Adams County Collaborative Divorce

If you wish to avoid the stresses and time of litigation, collaborative divorce may be for you. By utilizing an attorney who is trained in the collaborative law process, you are able to craft your own solutions to all of the issues that arise during the end of a marriage instead of relying on a judge to decide them for you.

At Tolison & Williams, Attorneys at Law, LLC, we guide individuals through this process in order to save them both the time and the money that comes from litigation. Consult with our Adams County attorneys to learn more about your options.

The Benefits Of Collaborative Law In Colorado

Through the collaborative law process, all parties agree to come to resolutions without involving the courts. All matters, including custody, support and property division, are resolved through cooperative efforts without ever needing to involve a judge. The benefits of this process are numerous and include:

  • Avoiding the lengthy divorce litigation process
  • Avoiding the expenses that come with divorce litigation
  • Saving your children from courtroom battles
  • Minimizing conflict now and down the road
  • Avoiding court altogether
  • Providing a forum for an open discussion of issues

Our lawyers will sit down with you to craft the solution that works best for your unique situation. You can feel completely confident in our collaborative law approach and know that your rights will be protected.

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