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The Benefits of Mediation for Divorce Proceedings

By Tolison & Williams / October 1, 2016

Going through a divorce can be an extremely stressful, contentious and expensive process. But the stress of divorce does not have to include long arguments before a judge and endless courtroom visits. A divorce can be settled in a controlled, positive environment with the help of third-party mediation. This method of alternative dispute resolution allows for the parties to work together with the help of a trained mediator to come to a resolution that reflects the interests of both parties. It's a method that should be strongly considered by individuals in Adams County and any other part of the country. In fact, mediation is mandatory in some jurisdictions in Colorado.

What to expect with mediation

A mediator is a trained individual whose job is to remain neutral and help parties communicate to come to a joint decision about issues they are facing. A mediator in a divorce proceeding can help parties reach agreements concerning issues like spousal support, child custody, finances and more. The mediator doesn't solve problems on behalf of either of the parties or try to pressure either party into making a certain decision. Their role is to be an intermediary between the parties and help them communicate as best as possible to resolve their issues. This will likely involve making sure that both parties are heard and each has ample time to speak their opinions without being interrupted.

Advantages to choosing mediation

Mediation can be an especially good option for divorcing parents and other couples who will need to remain in good communication post-divorce because of their ties to each other. Here are some of the many advantages to choosing mediation for a divorce:

  • Mediation is less expensive that having all the proceedings go through divorce court.
  • It doesn't require as much time from the parties or for the court, which means lower attorneys fees.
  • It allows the parties more autonomy in making their own decisions about the divorce.
  • Mediation gives the couple a much greater chance of being able to file an uncontested divorce and keep their relationship positive post-divorce.

Why you should choose an attorney as a mediator

Attorneys make valuable mediators because they can mediate a legally sound resolution to protect both of the parties and can provide the participants with guidance based on their experience in the particular county in which the case is filed. Having an attorney as a mediator also means that a person doesn't have to seek an outside party to help with filing the divorce with the court and other legal administrative tasks. This streamlines the process and reduces cost. Contact an experienced law firm to learn more about mediation and ensure that your divorce goes as smoothly as possible.

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