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Erie Family Law & Estate Planning

People throughout the Erie-metro and Northern Colorado area come to Tolison & Williams, Attorneys at Law, LLC for the care and expertise they receive while working with their family lawyers. These lawyers are skilled in the legal areas of estate planning, elder, and divorce law. Tolison & Williams has the family attorneys who can provide the custom legal services you deserve.

Erie, Colorado Divorce & Family Law Attorneys

Family separation is extremely sensitive to all those involved, and can be a long process, but our attorneys are here to make the transition less daunting. The legal ramifications and unknowns are clearly defined and explained to all of our clients. With the empowerment of legal expertise by your side, you can confidently face the challenges that oppose you. Our team of family attorneys are primarily practiced in these areas of law:

  • Divorce Law – When you are going through a divorce, it really requires an attorney who will stand by your side and guide you through the process in a professional manner. Divorce case professionalism requires more than a firm grasp of the law but also a sympathetic comprehension of what the client is going through. Tolison & Williams attorneys are well-practiced and ready for clients who need help with mediation, alimony, and general divorce consulting.
  • Spousal Support – When a marriage is dissolved, spousal support is a very important aspect that often gets disputed. Alimony is often left to the sole discretion of the court. Make sure you are accurately represented to the judge with family lawyers practiced in these areas.
  • Child Custody and Support – Physical custody determines which parent the children will live with most of the time. Joint custody refers to the children spending time with each parent relatively evenly. Legal custody of a child gives a parent the right to make the important decisions in regard to a child’s welfare till they are an adult. Find out more about the different types of custody available in the state of Colorado with the family lawyers at Tolison & Williams.
  • Parent Relocation – When your case involves moving away, you definitely need to get the legal services of a family attorney. The movement of a custodial parent means that your child will move out of the city, state, or country. Modifying child custody orders are some of the most complicated issues that can rise up and Tolison & Williams attorneys are ready to help.

Erie Estate Planning Attorneys

A lot of people assume estate planning is simply about money but it is much more than that. Estate plans protect your family’s future. It is very easy to think about estate planning in a morbid way but establishing an estate plan is really helpful to your family. Proper estate planning eliminates the necessity for a court to get tangled in your family in the event of your incapacity or death.

Estate planning law provides a lot of legal tools to help you specify your wishes. Here are a few of the options that can be a part of you final plans:

Probate Law in Erie, Colorado

After the death of a loved one, many families face the complicated process of distributing the individual’s assets, which is called ‘probate’. The legal process of probate is an intricate procedure and the proper steps must be followed. IF you need guidance through a probate proceeding Tolison & Williams attorneys are well-versed in the three types of proceedings in Colorado:

  • A small estate procedure – assets under $63,000
  • An informal proceeding for uncontested estates
  • A formal procedure for contested estates or estates that are unclear of who is to inherit

The three types of proceedings are each unique in their own way and the involvement of an experienced probate attorney is highly encouraged.

Erie elder Law Attorneys

There are many legal options that exist to serve and protect the interests of senior citizens. Elder law is not only about preparing an estate plan but also about protecting you and your family, during life and after death.

Many people do not plan for the unexpected event of becoming incapacitated. For example, if you become incapacitated due to dementia, stroke, Alzheimer’s Disease or other debilitating illness, you are legally prohibited from managing your financial affairs. The common mistake people assume is that their adult children or spouse is the naturally appointed caretaker of your finances. In reality, the court must be petitioned to be appointed Conservator to manage your finances.

Have the freedom to choose what happens in an unfortunate situation and protect you and your family’s interests.

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