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Divorce can be arduous and painful. Common law divorce is no exception. I am Kathryn R. Tolison of Tolison & Williams, Attorneys at Law, LLC, and as an Adams County common law marriage attorney, I fully understand the laws surrounding common law divorce. I can use my creativity to craft a cohesive, persuasive case for you.

Colorado is one of 16 states that observes common law marriage. If contested, navigating the end of a common law marriage can be complicated. While common law marriage is, in fact, a form of marriage, both parties must be able to prove their union. This form of marriage looks, acts and smells like a traditional marriage — the only thing missing is the marriage license administered by the state. Your lawyer should be able to help you decipher these rules.

Understanding Common Law Property Laws In Colorado

Common law marriage may be manifested in several ways, including:

  • Both parties share a last name.
  • You exchanged rings in a public ceremony.
  • Your family and social circles have heard you refer to each other as husband and wife.
  • The couple files joint tax returns and/or has a joint checking account. This information alone, however, is not enough to constitute a common law marriage.
  • You each list yourselves as married on public documents.
  • The couple shares property ownership.

It is important to note a common misconception about common law marriage: The length of the relationship does not hold water in court. Ultimately, the soundest proof of your common law marriage is held in how the outside world viewed you as a couple.

Using witnesses and any physical proof such as medical records, rings, transcripts of taxes and even pictures on social media websites, I can help you organize and prepare for your common law divorce hearing.

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