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Divorce and Foreclosure in Colorado

With the difficult housing market, it is not uncommon for divorcing couples to be facing foreclosure of their shared home. Although creditors may only base their collection actions on the person listed on the mortgage, the divorce courts will view the debt as a joint responsibility. In these situations, it may be possible to settle the foreclosure before divorce proceedings begin, eliminating the need to include it in debt division matters. An experienced divorce lawyer can advise you of your options.

I am Kathryn Tolison of Tolison & Williams, Attorneys at Law, LLC. As an experienced Brighton attorney, I have the knowledge and skill to assist my clients with even the most complex divorce concerns, including foreclosure issues. I can thoroughly analyze your situation to provide an honest assessment of your options. Depending on your circumstances, we may be able to use tactics that will stop your foreclosure.

Know Your Options In Adams County

When dealing with a divorce and foreclosure in Colorado, it is important for all involved parties to understand the options available. A foreclosure can have intense ramifications on both parties after a divorce. Several strategies can be used to eliminate the foreclosure complications from your divorce. These include short sales, loan modifications and bankruptcy. I will work with you to find the best possible solution and guide you through the legal process at every step, from initial consultation to the finalization of your divorce.

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