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The economy is becoming increasingly global. Now more than ever, people are being asked to relocate for work. Career advancement often means a move to another state — or another country.

At Tolison & Williams, Attorneys at Law, LLC, I handle modification of family law court orders for individuals and families throughout Adams County. I am dedicated to my clients' success and have devoted my career to achieving the best possible results by taking a common-sense approach.

I often represent clients in post-decree matters such as modification proceedings related to a move out of state. When parties are subject to a court order, the court retains power — called jurisdiction — over the order. Major changes to the order must go through the court to be enforceable under the law.

When parents move because of their jobs or for other important reasons, they must have child custody and parenting time orders modified before they even begin packing. Failure to do so can have serious consequences, like having the court award sole custody to the other parent. That is why it is critical to talk with an experienced attorney before you take action.

Colorado Law On Relocation With Children

Colorado courts consider 14 factors listed in our state's statutes when making decisions about family relocation. They also consider a complex web of case law, comparing the facts and application of the law in prior cases against the facts of your case. For the move to be approved, the court must find it in the child's best interests.

The moving parent has the greatest burden of proof in child relocation cases, and matters often turn on expert testimony regarding what is best for the parents and for the children involved. I frequently partner with child and family investigators (CFI), parental responsibilities evaluators (PRE) and other professionals who have expertise in childhood development.

Every situation has its own set of facts, but one thing is true: Moving with children is hard. Whether you are the parent who is moving or the one who is staying behind, the situation can be stressful, emotional and tense. As a lawyer and a mother, I understand the importance of our children during times of crisis. I appreciate my clients' desires to find the best possible outcomes for their children. I am dedicated to taking an approach that protects your kids' best interests while achieving a favorable outcome for your family in a parental move-away case.

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