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Lakewood Family Law & Estate Planning

Tolison & Williams, Attorneys at Law, LLC provide legal services for families throughout Lakewood, Colorado. The personalized legal consulting is specialized towards family law, estate planning and more. Working with these attorneys allows for peace of mind due to their high level of excellence and client satisfaction.

Lakewood, Colorado Family Law & divorce Attorneys

Splitting up a family is a complicated process, but our attorneys make the transition less stressful. Family law attorneys at Tolison & Williams are experts in these areas law:

  • Divorce Law – Be confident during this difficult experience with our attorneys at your side. They will give you the attention that you deserve regardless of the type of separation. The divorce lawyers at Tolison & Williams will help with various aspects of the divorce including mediation, alimony, and the allocation of responsibilities.
  • Property Division – Make sure you get an attorney who is fluent in the Lakewood property division laws like those at Tolison & Williams.
  • Child Custody & Support – Defend your parental rights to see your children on a regular basis to provide them the support that they deserve. Our attorneys are here to help you with child custody and mediate disputes.
  • Family Relocation – If you have an existing court order and wish to relocate with your child, then you have to gain the approval of the courts in Lakewood. Our lawyers can help guide you through the process of seeking the relocation option for your family.
  • Adoption – The lawyers of Tolison & Williams are experienced in the Colorado adoption process and are ready to help you add your new family member.

Lakewood Estate Planning Attorneys

Tolison & Williams has the proper tools and consulting expertise to ensure that your final wishes are established and protected. Our lawyers will go over all features of estate planning and ensure that the final plan is what you truly desire. Further, our family attorneys ensure that the personalized outline is not only defined clearly but also implemented in the future correctly.

There are a variety of estate planning tools and options that can be a part of your plans. Here are some of the considerations of your plan that our family lawyers can direct you through:

There needs to be a consideration of the fact that the more detailed your plan is the less likely it is that there will be any unexpected consequences.

Lakewood Probate Law Attorneys

Distributing the assets and wishes of a dead loved one is the very complicated process of probate law. Many of the proceedings are hard to navigate and involve very specific steps that are necessary to implement legally. The attorneys at Tolison & Williams can provide the proper legal guidance for you in this process.

The legal knowledge of probate family law in Colorado is part of our lawyers’ toolset. The state of Colorado has three types of probate proceedings:

  • A small estate procedure – assets under $63,000
  • An informal proceeding for uncontested estates
  • A formal procedure for contested estates or estates that are unclear of who is to inherit

When your family and friends are going through legally complex steps of probate law, we highly recommend having an experience probate attorney at your side.

Lakewood elder Law Attorneys

As one gets older, the legal needs also changes. You need to update your future plans as you age and install the proper tools. Many people remember to create a living will and often have estate plans but they forget to consider the later stages of their life. To ensure that your quality of life is preserved, make sure to create long-term care plans. Your finances need to be protected with your longevity. Tolison & Williams attorneys serve family members of all ages and have experience helping seniors. Elder law means planning for your future and creating the mental security that you deserve.

If you are in Lakewood, Colorado or in the greater Denver area, then contact our law offices at 303-500-7706.


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