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Northglenn Family Law & Estate Planning

Tolison & Williams, Attorneys at Law, LLC work with clients in Northglenn, Colorado for estate planning, family law, and elder law needs. Our past clients desire premier personalized legal consulting in regards to estate planning, elder law, and family law, and they receive compassionate & professional care before, during, and after becoming a client.

Family Law and Divorce Attorneys

Divorce and other family separation can be difficult for all parties involved, but our lawyers are dedicated to making this crucial life change be less stressful, and in certain cases, less expensive. Experience is important in sensitive legal topics and our family law attorneys are experts in these areas of practice:

  • Divorce Law – Some people consider this to be the most difficult experience of their lives and this is why you need a tough lawyer by your side. We will give you the proper guidance and structure that you require. Our attorneys are versatile in their expertise with specialties in mediation, alimony, responsibility allocation and more.
  • Property Division – Each city has its own methodology and rules for property division. This means that you want lawyers who will bring the know-how of Northglenn, Colorado property division laws.
  • Child Custody & Support – Make sure you have family law attorneys who understand the importance of seeing your children regularly while supporting them properly. We are here to resolve custody and support disputes.
  • Family Relocation – There are modifications that can be considered by the courts for an existing court order. If you seek an amendment to your court order and seek relocation as an option, please contact our attorneys in the form below.
  • Adoption – Our family law lawyers have worked with clients in adoption-related matters.

Estate Planning Lawyers

It is important to have the correct tools available for any task and when it comes to decisions that involve the future. The estate planning process takes multiple considerations to successfully implement your end-of-life wishes. There are a variety of components and features that allow for each unique goal that you desire.

Make sure to analyze your options when it comes to:

Make sure to avoid any future issues and mistakes by working with our attorneys while they go over your asset structure to minimize any potential risks.

Probate Northglenn Attorney

Occasionally, you will hear about someone going through probate. Probate is the legal process of distributing assets of an individual after their death. This is often a lengthy process where the distribution can sometimes take year to resolve. There is often some level of asset dispute that can occur during the process.

These proceedings are often very complicated because of the procedural rules. Our attorneys serve clients throughout the Northglenn, Colorado area and are familiar with the local law and procedural regulations.

There are three main proceeding types in Northglenn, Colorado:

  • A small estate procedure – assets under $63,000
  • An informal proceeding for uncontested estates
  • A formal procedure for contested estates or estates that are unclear of who is to inherit

Make sure to contact our probate attorneys to ensure that your probate preceding moves forward as smoothly as possible.

Elder Law Attorneys

The aging process often involves legal updates to ensure that you are able to preserve your quality-of-life and ensure that your finances are in order. You need to also ensure that your long-term care planning is clearly established for the unexpected transitions that come with life. Elder law is the best way for families to plan ahead and create a sense of security for your future.

Tolison & Williams elder law attorneys are experts of the complicated laws and sensitive to the emotional aspect of these legal areas. We are impassioned to bring success to you and your family by empowering you with the knowledge that you have the right lawyers on your side.

Speak with our divorce attorneys or family lawyers in Northglenn, Colorado by calling our legal headquarters at 303-500-7706.


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