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Westminster Family Law & Elder Law

With the combined experience in family law, estate planning, and more at Tolison & Williams, Attorneys at Law, LLC, you will receive the right legal advice in Westminster, Colorado. You can expect the level of expertise and professionalism to be elite. We are devoted to our client’s welfare and are dedicated to serving all generations of your family.

Family Law and Divorce Attorneys

A family separation is not easy on many levels and especially in the legal sense. However, we are here to simplify the divorce process and remove any unnecessary stress. We can help you resolve your family matter by embodying your concerns within our legal process. If you want to partner with a family law firm in the Westminster area that is professional, comppassionate, and dedicated to your future, please contact us in the form below.

Our attorneys practice the following types of family law:

  • Divorce Law – You need to get lawyers who have the strength and experience to assist you throughout the difficult process ad provide you with the attention that will truly address your major concerns. Tolison & Williams has divorce attorneys who specialize in mediation, alimony, allocation of responsibilities, and even more.
  • Property Division – Just because a law firm is located in Colorado does not have any guarantee that they are experts in property division law for your city. Our attorneys are proven experts in Westminster property division laws.
  • Family Relocation – If you are seeking to modify an existing court order to seek changes to child custody or parenting changes in Westminster, Colorado then we can help. Relocation is an option that we can pursue for you.
  • Child Custody & Support – Family transitions can get much more complicated and emotional when there is a child involved. In this delicate process our attorneys are hyperaware the importance of seeing your child or children often and supporting them. Any custody or support disputes should be handled by our best at Tolison & Williams.
  • Adoption Law – We have represented clients with cases involved in adoptions and delivered results.

Estate Planning Attorneys

It is never too early or late to prepare for your end-of-life wishes for your loved ones. Our attorneys provide the necessary tools and guidance to make sure your goals and concerns are ready for the future. We will collaborate with you in all aspects of the estate planning journey and ensure your plans are up-to-date with all your personal and financial decisions.

Attention to detail is crucial for a proper estate plan that is customized to your values and wishes.

There are a variety of estate plan options that you can pursue which include:

Many people face mistakes and loopholes within their asset structure which increases the risk of potential of unwanted results. Contact our attorneys to ensure your estate plan is set up properly.

The Probate Attorneys of Boulder

Probate law is the commonly disputed and exhausting process of distributing the assets of an individual after his or her death. This complicated and often emotional legal experience can be incredibly difficult to navigate without an attorney. 

Probate law requires legal and procedural rule clarity that our lawyers provide.

The three types of Colorado Probate Law Proceedings are as follows:

  • A small estate procedure – assets under $63,000
  • An informal proceeding for uncontested estates
  • A formal procedure for contested estates or estates that are unclear of who is to inherit

While similar in some ways, each requires many legal steps that must involve an experienced probate law attorney to expedite the process.

Elder Law Attorneys

As life changes you may face some new transitions in your plans that you want to update. Keeping on track and up-to-date with your decisions. It can go further than asset distribution in your estate plans. Take thoughtful considerations into your long-term care plans to make sure that your quality of life and financials are protected. We serve clients of all ages, including seniors who seek legal counsel. Enjoy the relief of planning ahead and knowing your affairs are prepared for the future.

Our attorneys are determined to resolve all your family’s legal concerns and empower our clients’ lives.

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