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Achieving celebrity style divorce in the real world

By Tolison & Williams / August 19, 2015

For Colorado spouses who are thinking about filing for divorce, the examples set by many celebrity couples can seem as unattainable as their designer clothing and perfect smiles. It seems like a week rarely goes by without the announcement of a new celebrity divorce, and the commitment of both high-profile spouses to work through the end of their marriage with virtually no contention. For the rest of us, this approach has a number of benefits and is easier to implement than many may believe.

One of the most important things that any divorcing couple can do is to decide how to portray their split to the rest of the world and then stick with that plan. This is especially true for parents, who will inevitable be questioned by shared children about the divorce and the reasons behind the decision to alter the family structure. Deciding in advance what to share with the kids and how to frame those discussions can make a world of difference in how the divorce will be accepted.

Maintaining a positive united front will also help lessen the emotional response of close friends and family. In many cases, those closest to us want to show their support by becoming personally outraged or disturbed by a difficult set of circumstances. When those loved ones see that the divorce is not contentious, they will often modify their response to match that of the spouse. This can make it easier to focus on making the best possible decisions within the divorce and avoid becoming mired in the negative aspects of the end of the marriage.

Colorado couples can gain a great deal by emulating the cooperative divorce examples provided by certain celebrities. This is not to say that tensions and disagreements will not arise during the divorce process, because they almost invariably will. However, spouses who are able to present a positive attitude to those outside of the marriage are often surprised to find that they soon begin to adopt a positive attitude during the course of their divorce, which is a great way to reach a positive outcome.

Source: The Huffington Post, "How to Handle Your Divorce Like a Celebrity", Honoree Corder, Aug. 4, 2015

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