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Child support woes? There's an app for that

By Tolison & Williams / February 23, 2016

For many Colorado parents, the division of financial responsibility for a shared child is not as cut-and-dried as in decades past. Often, child support agreements extend beyond the simple writing of a monthly check. In many cases, parents are expected to provide a monthly payment, but must also share the additional costs of raising their child. These "extra" expenses can become a serious source of contention between co-parents, and one company has created a phone app that could potentially ease those woes.

The app is called SupportPay, and it gives users a platform through which they can communicate about child support expenses. For example, in cases in which the non-custodial parent is required to cover a portion of the cost of certain opportunities and services, this app allows he or she to provide proof of those expenditures. The app could be used to document payments issued to an orthodontist, summer camp, tutors or sports registration fees.

Not only does SupportPay provide a means of documenting expenses, it is also helpful in reducing the need for parents to communicate directly. In many cases, parents who have ended their romantic relationship hold on to a great deal of emotional turmoil, and they are unable to effectively communicate with one another. Having a high level of contention between parents is not a good scenario for shared children. SupportPay offers parents a chance to reduce negative interactions, making life easier for all involved.

In addition, in cases in which a child support case is likely to be taken back before a Colorado court, SupportPay serves as a means of documenting the expenses that are associated with raising a child. That documentation can be used to support either parent; in some cases a parent will use the service to demonstrate that he or she has been making the proper payments in a timely manner. Others will use the app to prove that requests for financial support have been issued and ignored. Each family is unique, but applications such as SupportPay can be used to assist in a wide range of circumstances.  

Source:, "The App That Helps Divorced Parents Fight About Money", Ben Steverman, Feb. 17, 2016

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