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How Colorado divorce affects adult children

By Tolison & Williams / March 20, 2014

Divorce is generally a challenging situation for anyone to be faced with regardless of age. Divorce does not just affect Colorado children when they're minors, it can also affect them as adults. The author of "The Way They Were," stated that adults of divorce parents may end up feeling uncomfortable in certain situations.

A number of adult children are usually surprised when they learn that their parents are ending their marriage. Since they are adults, they are often subjected to hearing about their parents' dating life -- which can result in feelings of anger and guilt. This is particularly true when they feel that their parents only stayed together for their best interests. There is light at the end of the tunnel for adults of divorced parents, one of which is to establish certain boundaries.

There's nothing wrong with being honest about not wishing to hear about either parent's romantic life with someone else. In fact, it's recommended that the adult children clearly state they do not want to hear about it and repeat it if necessary. Another recommendation for adult children is to refrain from taking either parent's side. This is especially true if the divorce was a result of an affair. If the adult child is angry with one of the parents, it's recommended that they seek out a therapist to vent out their frustrations.

Adults of divorced parents may feel that they're losing a part of their family. They often feel caught in the middle and worry about betraying one or both parents. Divorce can be emotional for spouses and children of any age. Colorado parents of children who are still minors may benefit from exploring their legal options in regard to a parenting plan to ensure a positive outlook for themselves and their children. Parents of adult children, on the other hand, may simply wish to be conscious of their emotions as they negotiate property division arrangements during the divorce.

Source: Chicago Tribune, Gray divorce and its effect on adult children, Emily Harris, March 18, 2014

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