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One writer questions whether adoption could be easier

By Tolison & Williams / December 1, 2013

An article written by a writer in one state has broached an interesting topic. The query regards whether the adoption process could be made easier and quicker in some cases. The writer's question may be of interest to potential adoptive parents in Colorado and other jurisdictions where regulation may slow the process down.

The article was prompted by a northeastern state's recent commemoration of Adoption Month. Two parents were featured, both of whom had been able to adopt children. For one parent, the process took less than six months, For the other, who was attempting to be declared the legal parent of her granddaughter, the ordeal lasted for over a decade.

The adoption path for some prospective parents can seem to be unending. Part of the blame has been placed on the government regulations that control the process in the state of the child. Others have stated that the effort to keep children with birth parents may unnecessarily prolong the process. Other factors can include whether the child has been a victim of abuse, in which case rights of birth parents may -- or may not -- be permanently denied.

The core of the article can be summarized in one question: could the process of adoption be streamlined for many families? This is a question that lawmakers in every state may decide to address at some time in the future. In the meantime, for parents in Colorado who wish to adopt, there are many resources in their state that are available to provide information that may be useful in the matter of adoptions or other family-related concerns and situations.

Source:, Is there a better road to adoption?, No author, Nov. 18, 2013

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