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Parents lose child custody after claims of neglect

By Tolison & Williams / May 26, 2015

One of the most basic fears that any Colorado parent can face is the loss of a child. A mother and father are currently facing a battle with state authorities after their infant daughter was removed from their home and care. The child custody story received a great deal of media attention after the child's mother fled with her baby in order to avoid an inquiry from Child Protective Services. Social workers were trying to locate the child to follow up on a claim that the infant was not being properly fed.

When the 21-year-old mother was made aware that CPS was involved, she made the decision to leave the area with her daughter. Authorities went to the family's home and spoke with the child's father, who is 46 years of age. They also searched the home and discovered what has been referred to as a "pot-growing operation" on the property. Social workers claim that comments made by the father led them to become concerned about the safety and welfare of both the mother and child.   

After a massive search was conducted, the mother returned to the area voluntarily, and told CPS workers that she had over-reacted based on fears that her daughter would be removed from her care. CPS did in fact take custody of the infant. In a recent hearing, a court found that she was malnourished and ruled that she will remain in the care of the state until a plan can be constructed to ensure that her parents are able to provide the proper level of care.

Virtually all Colorado parents can relate to the fear that one would have when faced with losing access to a beloved child. While this mother certainly made the wrong choice in trying to flee the authorities, she did eventually return and is now cooperating with the state in working to bring her daughter home. It is unclear how the arrest of the child's father will factor into the couple's child custody fight, but it can be assumed that any form of illegal drug use or manufacture will be a cause for concern.

Source:, "Judge orders baby Penelope to remain in state custody", May 19, 2015

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