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Tech Resources for Parents Paying Child Support

By Tolison & Williams / November 13, 2013

For many Colorado parents, struggles with their former spouse do not end once the divorce becomes final. The need to communicate over child support and the needs of shared children continues, and can cause a great deal of stress between parents. In many cases, these issues are the result of misunderstandings about the cost of raising a child.

In some families, one parent assumes the role of caring for the children and shopping for the goods and services that they need. This can leave the other parent largely in the dark about the true cost of raising a child. When the marriage ends and the non-custodial parent is tasked with making a monthly child support payment, he or she is often angered or frustrated at the amount that must be paid.

One company has created an online program that could help parents see eye-to-eye on matters related to child support. The program is called SupportPay, and is an online platform that allows parents to share financial information about their children in a neutral and impersonal manner. Users can upload payments, or enter information about expenses, such as receipts, invoices and other documentation.SupportPay to Help Parents for Child Custody

By using this type of program, custodial parents in Colorado have the ability to demonstrate to the other parent that the money received through child support is being used for the needs of their shared children. In many cases, the non-custodial parent simply wants the reassurance that these needs are being met, and having access to that information can greatly reduce tension between parents. This gives both parties the chance to improve their communication and focus on working together to raise their kids.

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