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Tips for finding the right Colorado divorce attorney

By Tolison & Williams / June 9, 2015

One of the first steps for Colorado spouses who are preparing to divorce is to secure legal counsel. Choosing a divorce attorney is a big step; it not only initiates the first formal steps toward divorce, but also opens a professional relationship that will have long-ranging ramifications. Finding a good fit is important, but many spouses are unsure where to begin.

One of the best ways to find a good attorney is to ask friends and family for recommendations. Someone who has already gone through the process of divorce can give far more information about an attorney than can be gleaned from a website. If no one is able to recommend an attorney, it might be worthwhile to ask an attorney whom you have worked with on other occasions for a referral. Attorneys often network with one another; ask your tax attorney or estate planning attorney whom he or she would use in the event of a divorce.

Once a list of attorneys has been compiled, schedule an initial consultation with the top choice. Come prepared with a list of questions and concerns, and take note of the attorney's communication style during the meeting. This is an individual with whom you will spend a considerable amount of time, and who will have a great deal of influence over the course of your divorce. It is important to find someone who is easy to work with, and who seems invested in the outcome of your case.

When shopping for a divorce attorney, it is important to take the time needed to find a good match. Many in Colorado want to avoid paying for multiple consultation meetings, but securing a good attorney is well worth the time and expense of speaking with several different legal professionals. The outcome of one's divorce will have lasting ramifications, and each party should make every effort to retain an attorney who is willing to put his or her client's interests as a top priority.

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