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Tips on preventing an eventual divorce disaster

By Tolison & Williams / November 27, 2015

So much of what is written about divorce is intended for those individuals who are already in the midst of that process. It is worthwhile to spend a portion of time speaking to happily married spouses, in the hopes of preventing a great deal of stress and turmoil if their circumstances should change and they find themselves facing their own divorce. The following tips are offered to happy spouses in Colorado and elsewhere, for the sole purpose of giving them the tools needed to look after their own interests, no matter how their marriage progresses.

To begin, it is vitally important that both spouses play an active role in the family's finances. This means gaining and maintaining an understanding of each other's income, assets and debt. Couples that have investments should be aware of how those accounts are performing. Those who own a business should be completely informed as to how the business is doing at any point in time. By remaining involved, spouses are better prepared to deal with any sizeable changes that might occur, including divorce.

Another important matter involves building and maintaining a professional network. Often, married couples make the decision that one spouse will step away from his or her career to care for the children while they are young. While this works out well for many families, it does place the stay-at-home parent at a disadvantage when it is time to re-enter the workforce. It is essential for parents to continue nurturing and expanding their professional network, so that it is easier to step back into that role if and when the time comes.

In a very real sense, these tips are important for anyone, not just spouses who want to protect against the repercussions of divorce. By staying on top of family finances and maintaining ties to the workforce, individuals are making the best possible decisions for their own future, as well as that of their family. For those in Colorado who find that their marriage is faltering, those choices will make a great deal of difference in the outcome of the divorce process.

Source: The Huffington Post, "The Happily Married Spouse's Guide to Divorce: Ten Tips for the Blissful but Prudent", Stephen P. McSweeney and Tara Jnes Willecke, Nov. 12, 2015

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