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Tyga plans to battle Blac Chyna for child custody

By Tolison & Williams / December 23, 2014

When parents split up, one of the major issues faced can be child custody. A majority of the time, Colorado parents are adamant that they are the better parent for their children. Most judges determine child custody based on the child's environment and, most importantly, the best interest of the child. In one celebrity case, Tyga allegedly wants custody of his 2-year-old child.

According to reports, Tyga is on the verge of filing for full custody because he believes that Blac Chyna is not a fit mother. Tyga says that she parties excessively and displays inappropriate behavior. He also says that she is too preoccupied with going out to various clubs to focus on raising their young son. This is reported to be especially true when Blac Chyna is aware that cameras are around.

Tyga became even more enraged when he viewed a video that showed his child's mother and another celebrity, Amber Rose, engaging in what he considered to be inappropriate dancing. Further, before the day was over, she had apparently gone out to party again. He is expected to file documents to request full custody, as no custody order currently exists.

Child custody can be a burdensome process for a number of parents, especially if there are bitter disputes. In some cases, parents are able to collaborate through mediation to have a shared parenting schedule, so that a child has equal time with both parents. When mediation is unsuccessful, litigation may be necessary in a family courtroom in order for a judge to decide who gets custody. An experienced family law attorney in Colorado can guide parents through the process and help to achieve the best possible outcome.

Source:, "Tyga -- Blac Chyna's a Bad Mom I Want Custody!", Dec. 22, 2014

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