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What Colorado parents can do if state takes child custody

By Tolison & Williams / May 16, 2014

When it comes to child custody, children stand to benefit when both parents are actively involved in their lives. Losing a child to the state is undoubtedly overwhelming for most Colorado parents and rightfully so. A teenage girl has been in the middle of a child custody issue involving a medical dispute.

For over a year, two parents have been engaged in a child custody battle involving two different hospitals. One of the medical facilities diagnosed the teen as suffering from mitochondrial disorder, with the other claiming it was a psychiatric issue. The state disagreed with the mitochondrial disorder finding and since then, the teen has been residing in a psychiatric ward at a hospital.

As of recently, the teenage girl is expected to be moved to another facility as a start to her returning back home. She is expected to be moved from Massachusetts to another facility in Connecticut, which is closer to her parents. The Department of Children and Families have set out certain guidelines regarding the teen returning home which include attending family therapy and following through with a care plan outlined by the Tufts medical facility.

When the thought of losing child custody becomes real, it can be an emotional struggle for most parents. It can be even more of an emotional struggle when parents lose their child to the state over a medical dispute. Colorado parents who are in the midst of a custody battle may benefit from gaining an understanding of their parental rights and applicable state laws. The family court system exercises jurisdiction of these matters.

Source:, "Teen in state, hospital custody battle to return to Conn.", Veronica Haynes, May 5, 2014

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