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Boulder Family Law & Estate Planning

Tolison & Williams, Attorneys at Law, LLC represent clients throughout the Boulder and North Colorado area. Our lawyers provide personalized legal advice for family law, elder law, and for estate planning. Our family attorneys always bring an elite level of professionalism and quality results that you and your family deserve.

Family Law and Divorce Attorneys

Though divorce is a complicated process that can bring a variety of emotions combined with stress, it is within your best interests to work with our experienced divorce attorneys to ensure that the process runs smoothly as possible. As you work with our family law attorneys in Boulder, Colorado there will be a level of empathetic professionalism that is the standard at Tolison & Williams.

Our divorce attorneys are experts in these areas of practice:

  • Divorce Law – This difficult endeavor will be simplified with the right attorney at your side. Every divorce is unique and it is crucial to have the customized experience that we can provide. Tolison & Williams’ lawyers will be there during alimony, mediation, and the allocation of responsibilities, plus much more.
  • Property Division – You can rest assured that the lawyers at Tolison & Williams are up-to-date with current Boulder property division laws and procedures. Ensure that all aspects are properly considered and divided in the correct way.
  • Child Custody & Support – Our attorneys are sympathetic to the visitation needs of parents and children. Our duty is to make sure you are able to see your child and support them as much as possible by resolving these complicated disputes.
  • Family Relocation – Boulder and other Colorado cities require that any wishes of change to a court order go through the proper court processes. Relocation is an option that must receive the approval of the courts and our lawyers will give you their best.
  • Adoption – The extension of a family requires following the right steps that our experienced family attorneys can navigate you through.

Estate Planning Lawyers

While most people don’t like to think about it, it is important to consider the people you will be leaving behind when you pass away. With our estate planning lawyers, you will be provided with a uniquely customized planning process with all the crucial tools. Tolison & Williams is here to ensure that you are able to create and execute your end-of-life wishes.

While there are a variety of estate planning options, our lawyers can guide you throughout the following:

Going with Tolison & Williams means that you will avoid errors and minimize the peril of an unwanted result.

The Probate Attorneys of Boulder

If you know of anyone that is going through or has gone through probate, then you are familiar with the time consuming process. When properly allocating an individual’s assets following their death, it is important to have an experienced probate attorney with you during the endeavor. The distribution proceedings in a probate case are complicated to those who are unfamiliar but the Tolison & Williams family lawyers are experts.

The state of Colorado has three different types of probate proceedings:

  • A small estate procedure – assets under $63,000
  • An informal proceeding for uncontested estates
  • A formal procedure for contested estates or estates that are unclear of who is to inherit

These probate processes are all unique and have legal ramifications if they are not followed accordingly. Save any trouble by hiring competent probate lawyers in the Boulder, Colorado area.

Elder Law Attorneys

While many people are smart enough to create estate plans, they often neglect to update them as they face transitions throughout their life. Further, many forget to legally document long-term care planning which is the best tool to ensure the future preservation of your quality of life. Make sure that your finances are in order. Many people work their whole lives to financially support themselves but lack the proper structure to make sure their plans stay on course.

Seniors deserve legal guidance and our elder law attorneys are dedicated to meeting their needs. Create the security of knowing that you have a plan in place to protect you and your family. Tolison & Williams, Attorneys at Law, LLC are well aware of the delicate legal and emotional aspects of elder family law and are driven to empower our clients.

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