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Adams County Divorce Lawyer

The dissolution of marriage, or divorce, is one of the saddest events a family can experience. It can generate great grief, anger, depression and anxiety. It also marks a new beginning for both parties and the chance to go forward peacefully with renewed energy.

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Property Division And Other Tasks

In our family law practice, divorce is the number one problem we deal with. Our lawyers can help with these issues and more:

  • Asset and debt valuation and distribution: Asset valuation is a primary aspect of divorce. At times, it can be like pulling teeth, especially when people have significant assets or own a business. We have enjoyed great success obtaining this closely held information.
  • Allocation of parental responsibilities: These are the terms a family agrees to abide by, including visitation/parenting time.
  • Maintenance: Whether you call it alimony, maintenance or spousal support, this is one of the key determinations in a divorce. We are also involved in the modification and termination of these arrangements.
  • Post-decree issues: Post-decree proceedings are conducted to consider child custody, parental time, spousal support and other issues, including modification and enforcement.
  • Annulments: People consider annulment for religious or family reasons or to protect assets. The court is asked to return both parties to the position they were in before they were married.
  • Common law marriage: Colorado is one of the few states that sanction common law marriage. Living together by itself is no proof of this kind of marriage. Even having children is not proof. We help parties prove marriage, to obtain the benefits of divorce.

The Attorney As Mediator In Divorce Disputes

For all the problems listed above and more, people turn to our attorneys for a collaborative approach, and for divorce mediation. We have a certified mediator with skills in the areas of communication, persuasion and family law. Properly conducted, mediation gets people through tense negotiations without raising voices.

Adams County Dissolution Of Marriage Lawyer

At our firm, we let our clients know that they can count on us. We are sympathetic to our clients during this process, but remain very determined to obtain the best possible result. The other side sometimes thinks we are friendly and therefore harmless. That's a mistake they don't make twice.

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