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Joint Child Custody Arrangements More Beneficial for Kids

By Tolison & Williams / April 29, 2015

Child custody situations can be emotional for all involved. This can be extremely emotional for the children who are caught in the middle. For that reason, there are child custody arrangements that Colorado parents can have that benefit the children.

Throughout the years, society was informed that a part of children's healthy development is predictability and stability. That is not necessarily true, however, and in a recently published study, it was revealed that children's emotional well-being is better when they are able to spend time with both of their parents. As surprising as this may be, children were reportedly less stressed out when they had two homes. Based on national data, 69 percent of kids between the ages of 12 and 15 were in nuclear families.

Another 19 percent of children lived with both of their parents while 13 percent lived with just one parent. There was also analysis conducted on issues involving headaches, loss of appetites and sleeping difficulties, and it was revealed that children who lived with both parents had the fewest problems. Based on a study in 2014, it was found that children were less stressed out by divorce than by continuing to live with parents who were always fighting.

Parents may have many issues with each other that are tied to the collapse of their marriages

However, it is the children who come first, and their well-being should be secured. Based on reports, children thrive better when they are able to have equal relationships with both parents. The decision to make in child custody cases can seem overwhelming, and an experienced family law attorney in Colorado can advise on the most appropriate steps.

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