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Man avoids jail by paying entire child support balance

By Tolison & Williams / April 15, 2015

Parents who are primary caregivers can find themselves struggling when they do not receive child support. Many Colorado parents rely on child support to provide their children's basic necessities, such as food and shelter. A warrant was issued for a man who was severely behind on child support, but he avoided charges by paying off the entire balance.

The father avoided paying child support payments for years until he wound up owing $95,625.78. Authorities eventually caught up to him and found that he was living in a 4,000 square-foot home worth $500,000. In 1999, a court order was issued requiring him to pay child support, but he failed to pay and a warrant was issued. After his arrest, authorities started the process to have him extradited to the state in which the charges originated.

He was caught thanks to Michigan's increased collection efforts. Since 2003, the child support division has been able to collect for 14,000 children. However, this collection is considered to be the largest single payment in history for the state since it received nearly $100,000 from the man.

When child support payments are ordered, they are requirements, not options. Single parents often find themselves having to rely on public assistance or work two jobs when child support is not received.  Understandably, there are events that happen in individuals' lives that make it difficult or impossible to pay, but those who blatantly refuse do face consequences. Parents who are entitled to receive child support, but are not receiving it, may want to speak with experienced family law attorneys in Colorado who will explain the available options.

Source:, "Former Clare man pays $95,000 in child support", Susan Field, April. 13, 2015

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