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The impact of divorce stress on men in Colorado

By Tolison & Williams / April 19, 2016

Anyone who has gone through a divorce can attest that the process of moving from married to single can be a challenge. However, recent research suggests that men may suffer from the emotional impact of a divorce more than commonly thought. The matter is a serious one, as data shows that divorced men in Colorado and across the nation are more likely to experience high blood pressure, stroke or heart disease than their married counterparts.

Our culture still paints an unrealistic picture of American men, one that suggests that a real man does not show his emotions. However, men experience the end of a marriage in much the same way as women do, and suffer from depression, sadness and a sense of disconnect. Unfortunately, many men do not have a support network in place to help cope with these emotions, while women tend to rely on their friends and family to help them get through tough times.

Another divorce issue that plagues many men is a sense of the loss of deeply ingrained roles. When an individual has defined his entire life around the roles of husband and father, it can be difficult to weather a transition that removes or alters those roles. For fathers, one of the most important things to attend to during a divorce is to retain a strong bond with one's children. Not only will this serve the needs of the kids, it can also have a very calming and healing effect on fathers.

Those in Colorado who are considering divorce should place their own health and well-being at the top of their priority list throughout the process. While divorce can feel like a consuming experience, it is only a temporary stage in one's life. There will be many milestones ahead, and taking care of one's health can help ensure that the years to come are as happy and fulfilling as possible.

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