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Signs that may mean that spouses are headed for divorce

By Tolison & Williams / April 1, 2015

Divorce is an emotional time for everyone involved, including the spouses and the children. As difficult as divorce may be, there comes a time when Colorado marriages have run their course. There are some warning signs that indicate that a divorce may be in the future.

Warning Sign 1: Showing Contempt

One warning sign of divorce is when spouses show contempt toward each other. This type of behavior could include verbal or nonverbal ways of putting the other person down, such as name calling, sarcastic remarks and underhanded comments. Kindness goes a long way, and spouses must be able to show respect and appreciation for each other.

Warning sign 2: criticizing

Another warning sign is criticizing the person instead of the behavior. Spouses do this by assaulting the other's character and making him or her feel as though he or she is always in the wrong.

warning sign 3: being defensive

The last warning sign is being defensive toward the other spouse. Often, spouses do this is an attempt to defend themselves from what they see as complaints or attacks. This is often done by making excuses or ignoring complaints totally. 

to wrap it all up

A spouse can avoid these warning signs by sitting down and trying to understand his or her partner's view from his or her perspective. It is recommended that spouses do not escalate a situation or intentionally try to aggravate the other person.

With that being said, some marriages are simply beyond repair, even with facilitated communication and counseling. When divorce is imminent, an experienced family law attorney in Colorado can address a spouse's concerns and answer his or her questions.

Source:, "4 Warning Signs Marriage Therapists Use to Predict Divorce", Marni Feuerman, March. 28, 2015

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