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Being supported by his or her parents is a right that every child deserves — not something that a parent can easily "waive" on behalf of a child or simply refuse to pay. Despite popular opinion, child support is not a benefit awarded to a parent; it is a benefit awarded to and owned by the child. Child support is intended to provide for the child's necessities — most commonly food, clothing and shelter. Child support guidelines determine the amount to be paid, which is based primarily upon income. Deviations and exceptions can be made depending on individual circumstances and if they are in the best interest of the children.

I am Kathryn R. Tolison of Tolison & Williams, Attorneys at Law, LLC. My practice is focused entirely on family law, which means I have extensive knowledge of and experience with child support matters. As your attorney, I will carefully evaluate your situation and explain what you can expect to either pay or receive in child support. I will also take the time to clearly address your questions and concerns regarding tax implications, how support amounts relate to parenting time and other considerations.

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Child support payments are usually retroactive, dating back to the date the motion is filed or, in paternity cases, back to the child's birth. Payments typically terminate when the child is emancipated, which is at age 19 in Colorado. Day care expenses or other expenses related to a child's special needs can be added as a line item to support payments.

I will work with you to determine if any exceptions should be made in your family's situation. Additionally, if you need post-decree modifications or enforcement of payments, I will fight for your interests and guide you through the necessary legal processes.

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